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Burns Genealogy & History

The Burns surname comes from three sources. Two are from the British Isles and Scotland, deriving from Burnhouse, denoting someone living near a stream. From Ireland comes an English alteration of the Gaelic � Broin. From Jewish-American sources comes an American alteration and shortening of the name Bernstein. Burns family history begins in 14th-century Scotland, where the clan was formed. It became prominent in the history of the borderlands between Scotland and England. Burns genealogy includes Robert Burns, well-known Scottish poet; former three-term Montana senator Conrad Burns; and George Burns, part of the 1950s comedy duo Burns and Allen.

Burns Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Pearl Burns-- --, 1914January 4,2007PA
B Allen Burns-- --, 1913February 20,1999NY
C Maurice Burns-- --, 1924October 2,1994AL
D Jeanne Burns-- --, 1936January 30,2003CA

Burns Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernice Burns-- --, 1914June ,1990Larwill,IN
F Britton Burns-- --, 1916September 30,1993Phoenix,AZ
G Edward Burns-- --, 1936September 26,2007Savannah,GA
H Elizabet Burns-- --, 1922September 8,1997Nashua,NH

Burns Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bob BurnsHannah CoxDecember 7,1935Wake, NC
Edward BurnsAmelia SmithJanuary 26,1951Wake, NC
Fredrick BurnsPatricia NevinsNovember 16,1959Wake, NC
Guy BurnsFannie GodfreyDecember 23,1933Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Burns

116th: Ford117th: Stone
118th: Perez119th: Fox
120th: Webb121st: Bryant
122nd: Gordon123rd: Hansen
124th: Tucker125th: Ryan

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