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Burr Genealogy & History

Like many names that stem from Anglo-Saxon culture, the surname associated with the Burr genealogy describes a particular personality trait. The word burr was used by Shakespeare to describe a person who was difficult to shake off, and historians speculate that early members of the Burr family history had a personality to match this description. The first Burr to settle in the New World was Jehu Burr in 1630. Some of the more notable members of the Burr genealogy are Canadian actor Raymond Burr, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, printmaker and painter George Elbert Burr, NASCAR driver Conrad Burr, and third US Vice President Aaron Burr.

Burr Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Burr-- --, 1886June ,1976PA
Barbara Burr-- --, 1907February ,1983ME
C Eugene Burr-- --, 1919July 4,2002PA
D Eileen Burr-- --, 1924January ,1991OR

Burr Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Burr-- --, 1921April 30,1998Prospect,PA
F Henry Burr-- --, 1920April 2,2005Wheat Ridge,CO
Garfield Burr-- --, 1880March ,1970Pittsburgh,PA
H Donald Burr-- --, 1914June 18,1996Kennett Square,PA

Burr Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Chad BurrRebecca BakerJuly 15,2000Aransas, TX
David BurrMarsha ServasApril 3,1976Wake, NC
Edward BurrRhonda ThornhillSeptember 28,2000Tarrant, TX
Kenneth BurrKristy LemonsMay 25,2000Cooke, TX

Most Common Surnames After Burr

1810th: Woody1811th: Chadwick
1812th: Whitlock1813th: Fair
1814th: Youngblood1815th: Skaggs
1816th: Goddard1817th: Reagan
1818th: Rider1819th: Shook

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