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Burrell Genealogy & History

Burrell is an English name of French origin, derived from Old French bovre, meaning woolen cloth, plus a diminutive suffix. Besides being an occupational name for a worker in the wool business, Burrell could have derived from the given name Borel, which was also a nickname for a countryman. Burrell genealogy includes the variations of Berrill, Birrell, Borrell, and Burrill. Burrell family history dates to feudal times in Berwickshire, England, and to 1630 in Massachusetts. The family motto, adhaereo, means I adhere, and the coat of arms has a lion's head between two battle-axes, symbolizing courage in military duty.

Burrell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Burrell-- --, 1917March 19,2006NC
B Dean Burrell-- --, 1930February 26,1994IA
Cadle Burrell-- --, 1905February ,1986MI
Daisy Burrell-- --, 1902October ,1981VA

Burrell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Kress Burrell-- --, 1917May 19,1993San Benito,TX
Francis Burrell-- --, 1918February 20,2010Davis Creek,CA
Garfield Burrell-- --, 1891February ,1975Swannanoa,NC
Hagar Burrell-- --, 1911June 26,1989Inglewood,CA

Burrell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bill BurrellSliver RuddDecember 2,1938Wake, NC
Chase BurrellAlexis BallJune 5,2003Wake, NC
Daniel BurrellOphelia AlstonApril 8,1968Wake, NC
Frank BurrellLillie EvansDecember 23,1972Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Burrell

1562nd: Roche1563rd: Aguirre
1564th: Michaels1565th: Langford
1566th: Dobson1567th: Bateman
1568th: Blue1569th: Colon
1570th: Westbrook1571st: Dill

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