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Burt Genealogy & History

Burt is an English surname, from the Old English name Beorht or Byrht, in turn from beorht, meaning bright or famous. It was used in many compound names, particularly after the Norman Conquest introduced more Old German personal names, but it also survived on its own. Burt family history starts with Hamo Burt, who was entered in the Hundred Rolls of Norfolk in 1273. Well-known members of Burt genealogy include Francis Burt, first governor of the Nebraska Territory; Justice, Chief Justice, and Governor of West Australia Francis Burt; and New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers tackle Jim Burt.

Burt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Maxine Burt-- --, 1921November 5,2005KS
Barbara Burt-- --, 1908July 16,2002VT
C C Burt-- --, 1889February ,1971MA
Daisy Burt-- --, 1918February 21,1999NY

Burt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Pearl Burt-- --, 1911November 28,2005Colorado Springs,CO
Fab Burt-- --, 1890November ,1972Johnston,SC
Gabriella Burt-- --, 1917April ,1995Glen Riddle Lima,PA
H Leroy Burt-- --, 1922May 1,2002Toms River,NJ

Burt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew BurtVirginia WilliamsJanuary 22,1941Wake, NC
Braxton BurtOllie BestSeptember 5,1937Wake, NC
Charlie BurtLorene UtleySeptember 22,1934Wake, NC
Douglas BurtBrenda GreggFebruary 20,2004Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Burt

1060th: Puckett1061st: Corbett
1062nd: Hatch1063rd: Lowry
1064th: Dotson1065th: Talley
1066th: Silver1067th: Dye
1068th: Rossi1069th: Holley

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