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Butler has, more or less, four origins, though two are closely related. In England, a butler was a servant who handled the wine cellar, from the Norman butuiller. Boutilier, a cognate, was a French surname, anglicized to Butler. In the former case, the word came to mean a trusted and influential servant. One man, after being appointed Chief Butler of Ireland, took it as his new surname. Butler family history also has its roots in a noble family in Ireland, as well as the Prussian region of what is now Germany. Butler genealogy includes Major General Smedley Butler of the Marine Corps, as well as Confederate General Matthew Butler.

Butler Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Anthony Butler-- --, 1948January 18,1988FL
B Arlene Butler-- --, 1935December 8,1994MD
C Baylor Butler-- --, 1931July 15,2000VA
D Jean Butler-- --, 1929May 17,1994IN

Butler Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alene Butler-- --, 1928January 14,1995Roaring Spring,PA
F Brooks Butler-- --, 1930February 20,1999Lenox,MA
Goldie Butler-- --, 1928August 3,2010Commerce,GA
Horace Butler-- --, 1932March 6,1994Philadelphia,PA

Butler Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Algernon ButlerJosephine BroadwellJune 5,1935Wake, NC
Chester ButlerNannie ButlerFebruary 12,1931Wake, NC
Dorsey ButlerRosia DelaineFebruary 20,1942Wake, NC
Frank ButlerLandrum BennettDecember 7,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Butler

84th: Sanders85th: James
86th: Barnes87th: Graham
88th: Henderson89th: Hamilton
90th: Patterson91st: West
92nd: Cole93rd: Jenkins

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