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Byrd is a surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, coming from the Old English bridde, meaning bird, which became brid and then bird in Middle English. It is thought to have been a nickname comparing someone to a bird, either being bright and active or having a good singing voice. Recorded Byrd family history began with Earnald Brid of Yorkshire, enrolled in 1193. Byrd genealogy includes three senators from the Virginias: Harry F. Byrd of Virginia, his son Harry F. Byrd Jr. of Virginia, and Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who is not related to the Byrds of Virginia.

Byrd Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Christin Byrd-- --, 1923January 31,2000NC
B Beverley Byrd-- --, 1920January 5,1997VA
C Bruce Byrd-- --, 1956March 28,2003GA
D Lamar Byrd-- --, 1922August 3,1999TX

Byrd Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Joyce Byrd-- --, 1926June 28,2003Las Vegas,NV
Faber Byrd-- --, 1907October 11,2003Jacksonville,AR
G Vayne Byrd-- --, 1916March 12,1998Florence,AZ
H Carlton Byrd-- --, 1920June ,1987Winston Salem,NC

Byrd Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen ByrdHenrietta BarnesOctober 2,1937Wake, NC
Benjamin ByrdRay EasonNovember 8,1958Wake, NC
Claude ByrdVernelle RansomeDecember 30,1944Wake, NC
Earl ByrdGaynella HarrisSeptember 20,1962Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Byrd

317th: Bowen318th: Goodman
319th: Mueller320th: Frazier
321st: Gallagher322nd: Dawson
323rd: Potter324th: Blair
325th: Terry326th: Cummings

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