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Calvert Genealogy & History

The Calvert family motto is the Latin phrase fatti maschi, parole femmine, meaning deeds are masculine, words feminine. Like many surnames that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest, Calvert is an occupational name. In this case, it refers to one who takes care of cattle. Centuries of unstandardized spelling have resulted in many different spellings including Calbert, Calvart, and Celvert. Calvery family history holds that the family was first recorded as a ruling body in Yorkshire, England. The first settler in the United States was Cecillius Calvert when he received the province of Maryland in 1632. Calvert genealogy includes entomologist Phyllis Calvert.

Calvert Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A George Calvert-- --, 1924November 16,1999IA
Barbara Calvert-- --, 1953September 4,2007NC
C Ray Calvert-- --, 1917October 20,2008WV
Daisy Calvert-- --, 1919February ,1986OH

Calvert Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ardel Calvert-- --, 1917May 12,1993Glendale,CA
F Leon Calvert-- --, 1920June ,1987Lawrenceville,IL
G Edward Calvert-- --, 1923August 17,2002Lynchburg,VA
H Thomas Calvert-- --, 1928June 4,2010Wilmington,NC

Calvert Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert CalvertMartha CalvertJune 1,1938Wake, NC
Casey CalvertJessica TennysonNovember 4,2000Harris, TX
Ephrann CalvertBrunetta JacksonApril 14,2000Jefferson, TX
Guy CalvertElla RaymondNovember 5,1977Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Calvert

1609th: Adair1610th: Kowalski
1611th: Solis1612th: Oakes
1613th: Hauser1614th: McGovern
1615th: Judd1616th: Gabriel
1617th: Crowell1618th: Landers

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