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The surname Carey has four different origins?observed, not just possible, and all four developed into Carey, Carye, Cary, and Carrey. From Wales and Cornwall comes the locational name Carew, meaning fort hill. From England, many places are named Cary after the river flowing nearby, thought to be named after the Celtic car, meaning love. The manor Carrey is near Lisieux, Normandy, France. Finally, the Gaelic surname O'Cairdha means son of the dark one, which was Anglicized to Carrey. Carey family history begins with Hamo de Kan in Somerset in 1205. Carey genealogy includes Drew Carey and Jim Carrey, both actors and comedians.

Carey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Hastings Carey-- --, 1920June 3,2004DE
B Mozelle Carey-- --, 1924February 9,1999MI
C Clifford Carey-- --, 1913January 10,1995NY
D Eileen Carey-- --, 1925September 20,2006ID

Carey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Cornelia Carey-- --, 1916December 29,1996Onancock,VA
F Edith Carey-- --, 1915August ,1975Bensalem,PA
G Elizabet Carey-- --, 1919July ,1992Salisbury,MD
H Lloyd Carey-- --, 1917December 13,1991Augusta,ME

Carey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles CareyMary SteinkeMay 26,1990Wake, NC
Donald CareyElizabeth TaylorJanuary 1,1959Wake, NC
George CareyReba RayallMarch 23,1946Wake, NC
Kevin CareyRoberta AprilJuly 31,1970Wake, NC

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454th: Stein455th: Brock
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458th: Shepherd459th: Farrell
460th: Morrow461st: Sweeney

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