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Carlisle Genealogy & History

Carlisle is a Scottish name. It originated as a locational name, given to people who lived in the city of Carlisle. The city's name was Luguvall(i)um in 425, Luel at around 1050, and Caerleoil in 1130. This could mean the wall of the god Lagus, though some believe it was derived from the Old British first name Luguvalous, with a prefix Caer meaning fort or castle. Carlisle family history is first recorded with one Odard de Carlyle (an alternate spelling), who lived in Carlisle, Cumberland, in 1158. Carlisle genealogy includes Anthony Carlisle, the surgeon who discovered electrolysis. The Carlisle family motto, humilitate, means with humility.

Carlisle Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Corrine Carlisle-- --, 1923February 24,1996NY
Bama Carlisle-- --, 1887July 15,1972MS
C Wallace Carlisle-- --, 1915November 11,2001MS
D L Sally Carlisle-- --, 1921September 6,1988IA

Carlisle Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lenore Carlisle-- --, 1929August 25,2003Oberlin,KS
F Evelyn Carlisle-- --, 1925September 11,2002San Luis Obispo,CA
Gail Carlisle-- --, 1955July ,1979West Branch,MI
H Terry Carlisle-- --, 1915April 4,2001San Luis Obispo,CA

Carlisle Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bryce CarlisleLorie PedeliskiSeptember 16,2000Wake, NC
David CarlisleJoyce HopkinsDecember 7,1959Wake, NC
Emerson CarlisleHeather BaultJune 23,2001Wake, NC
George CarlisleAlice RaynorApril 2,1947Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Carlisle

1488th: Corcoran1489th: Amos
1490th: Farr1491st: Lanier
1492nd: Nowak1493rd: Laird
1494th: Bauman1495th: Thorpe
1496th: Abel1497th: Schwarz

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