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Carpenter is an English surname that means "one who works with wood." It is one of the few surnames that still has the same spelling that it did in Middle English. The name was introduced to England around the time of the Norman Conquest, and is ultimately rooted in the late Latin "carpentum," a type of two-wheeled carriage or chariot. Because Carpenter is a surname based on a common occupation from the middle ages, Carpenter genealogy can include related names such as Wright and Wainwright (one who made wagons). Carpenter family history first appears in written history in 1121 at the Abbey of St. Edmund in Suffolk, England.

Carpenter Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lorraine Carpenter-- --, 1921March 17,2009OH
B Craig Carpenter-- --, 1918January ,1983NC
C Barry Carpenter-- --, 1921May 7,1988MD
D Helen Carpenter-- --, 1923October 13,2000CA

Carpenter Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ann Carpenter-- --, 1928March 5,2001Deland,FL
Fabian Carpenter-- --, 1907September ,1974Ashland,WI
G Adele Carpenter-- --, 1923July 20,2008Concord,NC
H Alden Carpenter-- --, 1921December 31,2007Waitsfield,VT

Carpenter Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bobby CarpenterSarah MooreMarch 14,1952Wake, NC
Charlie CarpenterLela LeeApril 2,1938Wake, NC
Oris CarpenterZanie DardenOctober 12,1931Wake, NC
Melvin CarpenterSallie DanielsNovember 23,1934Wake, NC

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170th: Lane171st: Burke
172nd: Andrews173rd: Cunningham
174th: Jensen175th: Armstrong
176th: Duncan177th: Ray

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