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Carson genealogy originates along the border of Scotland and England among the ancient Strathclyde-Briton people and the first Carsons were found in Dumfriesshire. Though it has a patronymic form (with the suffix "son"), it may actually be a locational name, possibly developing from Maurice Acarson, who was made bailiff of the Isle of Man around 1100 by King Alexander I of Scotland. Alternate spellings include Carsan and Carsen. Carson family history is quite full of notable names. These include legendary American frontiersman Kit Carson, conservationist and author Rachel Carson, and comedian and talk-show host Johnny Carson.

Carson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Catherin Carson-- --, 1907May 19,2010MA
Baby Carson-- --, 1913February 2,1988AZ
C Dale Carson-- --, 1918June 5,1996OR
Dagmar Carson-- --, 1887September ,1981OR

Carson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Barbara Carson-- --, 1929June 5,2002Audubon,NJ
F Lucile Carson-- --, 1903November 7,2002Pocatello,ID
Germaine Cather Carson-- --, 1945April 12,2010Tucson,AZ
H Stanley Carson-- --, 1916December 4,1990Bangor,ME

Carson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Clifton CarsonMartha FaisonJuly 16,1955Wake, NC
David CarsonMary BeddingfieldAugust 15,1931Wake, NC
Leon CarsonViola AdamsJuly 5,1933Wake, NC
Haskel CarsonRuby GreeneJune 22,1946Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Carson

473rd: Brennan474th: Lindsey
475th: O'Neill476th: Nash
477th: Chase478th: Glover
479th: Hampton480th: Underwood
481st: Friedman482nd: Callahan

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