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Carver Genealogy & History

Carver is an English name that has two possible origins. Both are occupational surnames. It can come either from the "ceorfan" meaning to cut or carve and in this case referred to a wood carver or sculptor. A wood carver appears in Chaucer's "Knight's Tale", spelled as "kerver." It can also come from the Old French charuier or caruier, which both mean "ploughman." Carver genealogy is first recorded in Norfolk, England. Alternate spellings recorded throughout history include Carvar, Carber, and Carever. Carver family history includes notable people such as George Washington Carver, American inventor and scientist.

Carver Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Charlene Carver-- --, 1916January 21,1995OH
B Irene Carver-- --, 1917December 15,1993WV
C Edward Carver-- --, 1925August 22,2006CA
Dabney Carver-- --, 1921June 3,1998VA

Carver Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Cecillia Carver-- --, 1926November 25,1994Vacaville,CA
F Avis Carver-- --, 1915November ,1985East Falmouth,MA
Gail Carver-- --, 1925March 24,2002Pittsfield,MA
H Gilman Carver-- --, 1914January 31,1998Hoosick Falls,NY

Carver Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur CarverMurtis PickardJanuary 2,1937Wake, NC
Charles CarverVirginia CostnerSeptember 7,1963Wake, NC
David CarverSandra PowersFebruary 21,1966Wake, NC
Lewis CarverRuby HardisterNovember 16,1946Wake, NC

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922nd: Bolton923rd: Le
924th: Mayo925th: Ferrell
926th: Yoder927th: Dolan
928th: Byers929th: Sheehan

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