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Shafer, an Americanization of the German Schaeffer, is derived from the early medieval Germanic word Schafer, meaning shepherd. In medieval times, shepherd was one of several landless professions, also including charcoal-burners, herdsmen, honey-finders, and woodcutters. Around 1800, the Ashkenazic use of the name was likely in reference to God (as in the Lord is my Shepherd). The lambs on the family crest and coat of arms signify gentleness. Variant spellings in Shafer genealogy are Schaeffers, Schaffer, Scheaffer, Schefer, and Shaeffer. Shafer family history originated in Hesse and Bayern, Germany, while the first American immigrant was Hans Georg Schafer in 1709.

Cash Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Cash-- --, 1914June ,1976TN
Bainor Cash-- --, 1914August 9,2009AL
C Edward Cash-- --, 1929June 4,2003MI
Daisy Cash-- --, 1900May ,1982WV

Cash Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eardeal Cash-- --, 1907September 29,1993Millport,AL
F Garland Cash-- --, 1926September 16,1995Fayetteville,NC
Gaffer Cash-- --, 1923July 29,2001Somerset,KY
Hairm Cash-- --, 1896December ,1967Medina,TN

Cash Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert CashMary ParkerMarch 2,1946Wake, NC
Brian CashJennifer EakesDecember 18,1999Wake, NC
Coy CashJoyce NucklesNovember 28,1954Wake, NC
Danny CashCynthia FrazierJune 29,1973Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Cash

1035th: Hopper1036th: Dempsey
1037th: Dominguez1038th: Locke
1039th: Schafer1040th: Alvarado
1041st: Fish1042nd: Webber
1043rd: Abrams1044th: Rutherford

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