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Roman is popular throughout Europe (Italy, England, France, Germany, Spain, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine), with variations complicating Roman genealogy: Ramonucci, Romaine, Romanatti, Romanazzi, Romanelli, Romanin, Romano, Romans, Romanuto, Romayn, Roome, and Romines. Based on the Latin given name Romanus meaning Roman, the name referred to anyone with any connection to Rome. In Italy, Alatrino Romano was baron of Naples in 1286; in England, the first recording was Adam Romayn in Surry in 1208; in France, several saints were named Roman. A Scottish crest and coat of arms have red roses, symbolizing beauty. American Roman family history traces to Susan Roman in Maryland in 1671.

Cassidy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ann Cassidy-- --, 1931May 17,2008MA
Bailey Cassidy-- --, 1885October ,1968KY
Callie Cassidy-- --, 1952January 6,2008SC
Dagmar Cassidy-- --, 1912March 31,1993IL

Cassidy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Blanche Cassidy-- --, 1910March ,1982Akron,OH
Faith Cassidy-- --, 1918February 6,2008Fort Lauderdale,FL
Gabriel Cassidy-- --, 1919January ,1969Riverside,CA
H Uldene Cassidy-- --, 1918April 27,2009Steelville,MO

Cassidy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian CassidyDonna MorrowDecember 17,1979Wake, NC
David CassidyGenell LittleJanuary 19,1991Wake, NC
Eugene CassidyBarbara HutkofMay 9,1969Wake, NC
George CassidyEllen DinerJanuary 28,1963Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Cassidy

1034th: Cash1035th: Hopper
1036th: Dempsey1037th: Dominguez
1038th: Locke1039th: Schafer
1040th: Alvarado1041st: Fish
1042nd: Webber1043rd: Abrams

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