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Castaneda Genealogy & History

Castaneda has its roots in the French word castanh, from the Latin castanea, and denotes chestnut, so this is either a personal name for someone with auburn hair or a locational name for someone who lives near a chestnut grove. The family coat of arms is a shield of red with three wide bands of ermine going across it. Castaneda family history mentions Luissa Castaneda in Asuncion, Mexico, as the first known record of the name, in 1649. Some members of the Castaneda genealogy are actress Maria (Movita) Castaneda and fencing champion Juan Castaneda.

Castaneda Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Castaneda-- --, 1925September 3,2005TX
Balbina Castaneda-- --, 1918May 1,1991CA
Camila Castaneda-- --, 1905September ,1985TX
Dalia Castaneda-- --, 1923May 11,1993CA

Castaneda Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Castaneda-- --, 1931September 21,2001Glendale,AZ
Fabian Castaneda-- --, 1954October 17,2004Arlington,TX
Gabina Castaneda-- --, 1926February ,1985Miami,FL
Harley Castaneda-- --, 1926September 29,2006Pasadena,CA

Castaneda Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andres CastanedaTraniece NealsJanuary 26,2001Wake, NC
Bedoya CastanedaFantasy McintyreApril 7,2008Wake, NC
Caritino CastanedaOlga SamoraMay 11,2000Erath, TX
Daniel CastanedaJuana BandaMarch 25,2000Ochiltree, TX

Most Common Surnames After Castaneda

2093rd: Bouchard2094th: McKinnon
2095th: Pereira2096th: Weldon
2097th: Barrera2098th: Fairchild
2099th: Easley2100th: Cohn
2101st: Emmons2102nd: Pickens

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