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Cavanaugh Genealogy & History

Cavanaugh is an anglicized Irish name from Old Gaelic caomhanach, meaning handsome by birth, after St. Caomhan, patron saint of Inisheer Island in Galway Bay. Cavanaugh genealogy is complicated by the variety of spellings: Cabenagh, Cavanach, Cavanaw, Cavinaugh, Kavanah, Kavina, Keaveney, Keevan, Geaveney, M'Cavanna, O'Cavagh, and O'Kavanagh. The Cavanaugh surname dates to 12th-century kings of Leinster, and Cavanaugh family history includes a feudal estate in Carlow. The family motto (siothchain agus fairsinge) means peace and plenty, and the coat of arms with its black mullet (star) and two hunting-horns signifies divinity and nobility. The first Cavanaugh to immigrate to America landed in New York in 1811.

Cavanaugh Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eulene Cavanaugh-- --, 1923July 30,2009AR
B Jane Cavanaugh-- --, 1924March 23,2009PA
C Ruth Cavanaugh-- --, 1920December ,1993MA
Dagny Cavanaugh-- --, 1904June 14,1993IA

Cavanaugh Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Cavanaugh-- --, 1906March 20,1983Pawcatuck,CT
Fannie Cavanaugh-- --, 1906May ,1985New Rochelle,NY
Gail Cavanaugh-- --, 1915August 30,2000Falmouth,MA
Halbert Cavanaugh-- --, 1923September 18,1996White Plains,KY

Cavanaugh Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian CavanaughMary DecosteAugust 1,1966Wake, NC
Foster CavanaughJane MontanaroSeptember 13,1949Wake, NC
Robert CavanaughBernadette ZawitkowskiJune 27,1967Wake, NC
James CavanaughKelsey DunlapMay 26,1989Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Cavanaugh

1555th: Weller1556th: Rock
1557th: Ng1558th: Thayer
1559th: Aldrich1560th: Maguire
1561st: Burrell1562nd: Roche
1563rd: Aguirre1564th: Michaels

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