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Chappell Genealogy & History

The etymology of the surname Chappell started in Rome, transitioned to France, and ended up in England. The first use of a surname that approximates the modern-day spelling of Chappell was in France. The Old French word chapel, from the Latin cappella, originally translated to cloak or hood but quickly became synonymous with the sanctuary of a church. Thus Chappell family history shows that those with this last name were given that name because of their affiliation with the church and the clerical tendency to wear hoods. Some other members of Chappell genealogy were given the surname because they lived close to a church.

Chappell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Chappell-- --, 1933August 22,2003NY
Barbara Chappell-- --, 1924May 19,1992RI
C Wayne Chappell-- --, 1912March 30,1999UT
Dagmar Chappell-- --, 1908July 7,1998MI

Chappell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alice Chappell-- --, 1917January 13,1989Chehalis,WA
F Darlene Chappell-- --, 1930April 17,2003Des Moines,IA
G Preston Chappell-- --, 1914December ,1985Littleton,NC
Hadie Chappell-- --, 1910February 12,1995Alexander,AR

Chappell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron ChappellLauren AmesJuly 29,2006Wake, NC
Billy ChappellKaren WilliamsSeptember 8,1979Wake, NC
Chareuce ChappellGrace ParrottFebruary 1,1941Wake, NC
Dewey ChappellEdna StancilJune 16,1951Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Chappell

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1327th: Blum1328th: Vinson
1329th: Campos1330th: Forrest
1331st: Esposito1332nd: Wilhelm
1333rd: Crews1334th: Salinas

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