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Charles is the English form of a name that is extremely widespread throughout Europe and the world in a variety of forms. It derives from a pre-fifth-century Germanic given name, Churl or Carl, which meant basically "man," but usually referred to a freeman who was below noble status. Some of the myriad versions of the name Charles include Carlo in Italy, Karol in Poland, and of course Karl and Carl in Germany and elsewhere. Charles genealogy may therefore be very diverse, though the name is English. Charles family history in England is first seen in Suffolk and appears to be quite ancient.

Charles Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Grace Charles-- --, 1928April 12,2008CO
Ballenger Charles-- --, 1923March 15,2009FL
C Earl Charles-- --, 1914July 18,1993PA
Dagmar Charles-- --, 1922June 25,2005NY

Charles Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Charles-- --, 1918April ,1996Millville,NJ
Falicia Charles-- --, 1988June 24,2007Houston,TX
Gail Charles-- --, 1936December 5,2002New Gloucester,ME
H Kenneth Charles-- --, 1921January 9,2004Conestoga,PA

Charles Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian CharlesLouise NdongoFebruary 1,2007Wake, NC
Clifford CharlesCheralyn VanterpoolOctober 4,1996Wake, NC
David CharlesKaren WiesenApril 3,1964Wake, NC
Ernest CharlesAnna VassilionAugust 29,1976Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Charles

787th: Lange788th: Daly
789th: Singh790th: Pena
791st: Compton792nd: Finley
793rd: Aguilar794th: Dickson
795th: Mooney796th: Duke

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