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Chase Genealogy & History

Chase genealogy is typically English, with the name originating in the medieval period. Its origin is either as an occupational surname or a nickname. The word is from the Old French chacier meaning "to catch or seize" and would have referred to a hunter by trade or to someone who was particularly skilled at hunting. The first written indications we have of the name are spelled as "Chace" and date from the early fourteenth century in Essex. Chase as a surname is especially common in the United States and has also come into use as a given name.

Chase Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Blanche Chase-- --, 1886August ,1973CT
B Earlene Chase-- --, 1924May ,1995WA
C Berton Chase-- --, 1913July 6,1989IL
Dagmar Chase-- --, 1916March 1,1997WA

Chase Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alleyene Chase-- --, 1920November 18,1989Elwood,IN
F Jane Chase-- --, 1928August 6,2010Toledo,OH
G Hal Chase-- --, 1919October ,1986Oneonta,NY
H Irving Chase-- --, 1906February 28,2000Cobleskill,NY

Chase Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert ChaseEdith BasonOctober 4,1962Wake, NC
Dennis ChaseCynthia SpiegelMay 15,1988Wake, NC
Frank ChaseRebecca YelvertonOctober 15,1965Wake, NC
Gregory ChaseWindy NicholsOctober 15,1983Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Chase

478th: Glover479th: Hampton
480th: Underwood481st: Friedman
482nd: Callahan483rd: Horn
484th: Tran485th: Kirk
486th: Berger487th: Kirby

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