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Chavez Genealogy & History

Chavez genealogy typically traces its way back to Spain or Portugal. The name is an American Spanish spelling of the name Chaves. This is a modern Portuguese or Old Spanish word that means "keys," although as a name it probably ultimately derives from the Hebrew given name "Jacob," which means "God protects." It is related to the given names Jaime and James, which both derive from Jacob. Alternate spellings in written records have included Chavey and Chauvey. There is also a Portuguese place called Chaves, which confuses the origins of Chavez family history, but the surname is probably not related to this place name.

Chavez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ricardo Chavez-- --, 1929January 6,2007NM
Balbino Chavez-- --, 1918January 25,2008TX
Calistro Chavez-- --, 1907November 10,1987CA
D Marie Chavez-- --, 1922December 16,2001KY

Chavez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gayle Chavez-- --, 1919February 9,2002Seattle,WA
Fabian Chavez-- --, 1920November 25,2001Santa Fe,NM
Gabe Chavez-- --, 1889July ,1979Fort Lupton,CO
Harold Chavez-- --, 1930December 6,2009Reno,NV

Chavez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Guillermo ChavezLaurel HamakerJune 5,1987Wake, NC
Noe ChavezUdelia FunesMay 17,2004Wake, NC
David ChavezMary RipleyJune 14,2004Wake, NC
Bacilio ChavezEva ValdezJune 30,2000Smith, TX

Most Common Surnames After Chavez

415th: Adkins416th: Meyers
417th: Cobb418th: Norman
419th: Larsen420th: Morton
421st: Lamb422nd: Shaffer
423rd: Logan424th: Drake

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