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Childs Genealogy & History

Childs is an English surname, from the Old English cild, meaning child. It was sometimes used for the oldest son of a nobleman as a nickname. It was also used for a generally favored son of non-noble parents, especially after the Norman Invasion. The terminal S, as is common, indicates a patronymic surname, for the son of a favored or oldest son. Childs family history starts in 1086, with the adding of Aluric Child to the Domesday Book in Essex County. Childs genealogy includes several well-known people, such as widely traveled minor league and NBA point guard Chris Childs, Pulitzer-winning journalist Marquis Childs, and singer-songwriter Toni Childs.

Childs Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Childs-- --, 1906November ,1980PA
Babye Childs-- --, 1934August ,1975PA
Cadwell Childs-- --, 1892February ,1976NY
D Jack Childs-- --, 1918November 17,2003GA

Childs Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earah Childs-- --, 1958December 22,2005Oklahoma City,OK
Fae Childs-- --, 1900May ,1992Twin Falls,ID
Gaddis Childs-- --, 1918August 24,1988Marshall,TX
Hal Childs-- --, 1929December 7,2005Augusta,GA

Childs Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony ChildsDonna MooreJune 6,2000Bexar, TX
Christopher ChildsTifiny WiederkehrNovember 4,2000Van Zandt, TX
Demontrel ChildsAdrean EvansOctober 30,2000Bell, TX
Fredrick ChildsKasey AmmonsMay 27,2000Val Verde, TX

Most Common Surnames After Childs

1129th: Roe1130th: Grady
1131st: Minor1132nd: Gold
1133rd: Seymour1134th: Crouch
1135th: Gilliam1136th: Whitley
1137th: Tomlinson1138th: Magee

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