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Choi Genealogy & History

Choi is a Korean and Chinese family name. In Korean, the Hanja character used means a governor who oversees the land and mountain, obviously an important and prestigious position. Choi can also mean high, superior, lofty, or indeed mountain itself. Choi family history in the United States extends back to the late nineteenth century, as many Chinese and other East Asian laborers worked on the Transcontinental Railroad, gold mines, and other dirty, necessary jobs. Choi genealogy boasts of several influential individuals, such as veteran and gay rights activist Dan Choi, South Korean General and taekwondo founder Choi Hong Hi, and South Korean President Choi Kyu-ah.

Choi Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Choi-- --, 1928October 27,2005HI
Back Choi-- --, 1939July 23,2010CA
Cecilia Choi-- --, 1914February 23,2010HI
Da Bok Choi-- --, 1908February 11,2002NY

Choi Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edward Choi-- --, 1946August 20,2003Portland,OR
Fan Choi-- --, 1920May 6,1996Grand Rapids,MI
Gae Choi-- --, 1916December 24,2007Reseda,CA
Ha Choi-- --, 1932January 23,2009Bryn Mawr,PA

Choi Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dong ChoiSandra RobertsApril 11,1963Wake, NC
Taehyung ChoiBohyon KangNovember 28,1987Wake, NC
Hunt ChoiAnna BairdNovember 3,2001Wake, NC
Ucheor ChoiHye-Min OhSeptember 30,2008Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Choi

1384th: Yu1385th: Meade
1386th: Nance1387th: Butcher
1388th: Rojas1389th: Beaver
1390th: Carlton1391st: Ivey
1392nd: Butts1393rd: Aldridge

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