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Christensen Genealogy & History

Christensen genealogy is most often Danish but can also be Norwegian, and Christensen family history is spread throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe. It is a patronymic meaning "son of Christian." The word Christian originated in ancient Antioch as the Greek Christianos, a follower of Christos, "the Anointed One," and referred to followers of Jesus Christ. The title spread to Europe as a given name fairly early in the first millennium. The name Christensen has many alternate spellings, including Kristensen and Christiansen, but in English-speaking countries the suffix is often changed from "sen" to "son." It is the sixth most common surname in Denmark.

Christensen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A George Christensen-- --, 1919March ,1979NJ
Balsir Christensen-- --, 1898December ,1968SD
C Dan Christensen-- --, 1898January 12,1989NE
D June Christensen-- --, 1931August 14,2005OR

Christensen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dean Christensen-- --, 1915November 6,1993Pleasant Grove,UT
Faith Christensen-- --, 1895April ,1982Cokato,MN
G Marie Christensen-- --, 1916August ,1986Fort Fairfield,ME
Harold Christensen-- --, 1927February 27,2010Portland,OR

Christensen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gary ChristensenBrigitte GassAugust 5,1966Wake, NC
Michael ChristensenJill BegisOctober 21,2000Denton, TX
Peter ChristensenPamela SandersJuly 15,2000Williamson, TX
Trevor ChristensenLindsay AtwoodSeptember 15,2000Taylor, TX

Most Common Surnames After Christensen

294th: Higgins295th: Wolf
296th: Lyons297th: Parks
298th: Quinn299th: Fitzgerald
300th: Graves301st: Page
302nd: Doyle303rd: Griffith

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