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Chung Genealogy & History

Chung is a Chinese name, which means hanging bell. The bell refers to the shape of flowers such as the fuchsia, suggesting a garden, rather than the ringing kind. It is anglicized also as Chang and Ching, not including versions from other languages, like Korean, where it is also prominent. The first record of Chung family history in the United States is Tong Wong Chung, who was noted as a witness at Santa Barbara Church in California in 1889. Some well-known members of Chung genealogy are widely-traveled network host and journalist Connie Chung; Olympic South Korean baseball medalist Chong Tae-hyon; and actor, comedian, and doctor Ken Jeong.

Chung Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Chi Chung-- --, 1910December 15,1999TX
Ba Chung-- --, 1911July 15,2008NY
Calvin Chung-- --, 1944September 1,1988HI
Dae Chung-- --, 1967October 28,2003MN

Chung Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Hyeun Chung-- --, 1924April 22,2001Los Angeles,CA
Fang Wah Chung-- --, 1908August ,1990San Francisco,CA
Gary Chung-- --, 1957April 23,2009Riverside,CA
Ha Chung-- --, 1923October 1,2007Lansdale,PA

Chung Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon ChungDung PhamJanuary 25,2000Harris, TX
Eugene ChungAmy LiawMarch 5,2005Fort Bend, TX
Shun ChungLi WuJanuary 1,1972Wake, NC
Lung ChungLee YeeDecember 22,1977Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Chung

1299th: Ferris1300th: Koehler
1301st: Franco1302nd: Stiles
1303rd: Bland1304th: Jewell
1305th: Gallegos1306th: Sykes
1307th: Winn1308th: Neely

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