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Church Genealogy & History

Church genealogy appears in the written records for the first time in Britain in the thirteenth century. It can originally be either a locational or occupational surname. If it is the former, it would have referred to someone who lived near a church. If the latter, it would have meant someone who was in charge of a church. The word church derives from the Old English "cyrice" and originally from the Greek "Kyriakon," meaning "house of the Lord." Church family history includes Robert Reed Church, the first African-American millionaire, as well as actor Thomas Haden Church.

Church Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A John Church-- --, 1927October 19,2006MI
Balmer Church-- --, 1925September 12,2007KY
C Ray Church-- --, 1921May 4,2010PA
Daisy Church-- --, 1916April 11,1998NJ

Church Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jewel Church-- --, 1921December 4,2002Melbourne,FL
F Wallace Church-- --, 1913September 9,1987Jewett City,CT
Gale Church-- --, 1951November 3,2006Flint,MI
H Victor Church-- --, 1915May 30,1997Bakersfield,CA

Church Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Frank ChurchEvelyn CowlingJuly 24,1982Wake, NC
George ChurchBarbara ErlandsonOctober 7,1950Wake, NC
John ChurchAnnette HancockJune 9,1959Wake, NC
Stephen ChurchCynthia WalkerMarch 8,1984Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Church

761st: McCarty762nd: Potts
763rd: Dodson764th: Stanton
765th: Vogel766th: Ritter
767th: Fritz768th: Valdez
769th: Giles770th: Herring

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