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Clarke Genealogy & History

Clarke genealogy is often Irish but can also be British or Scottish. It is an occupational surname deriving from someone's work as a clerk or a cleric, both of which terms come from the Latin clericus. In ancient and medieval times, a clerk was a generic term for an official, a scribe, or someone who dealt with scholarly matters. In the church, it referred to a man who had been ordained for ministry. In Ireland, Clarke family history often begins in Counties Galway and Antrim, while in Britain it is first found in Kent. Alternate spellings include Clark and the Gaelic O'Cleirigh.

Clarke Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bruce Clarke-- --, 1927November 26,1999MI
B Beatrice Clarke-- --, 1915September 14,2009PA
C Harley Clarke-- --, 1913March 4,2009NY
D Derling Clarke-- --, 1918October 20,1988WV

Clarke Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Edward Clarke-- --, 1927January 2,1999West Hartford,CT
F June Clarke-- --, 1916November 20,2005Buffalo,NY
G Archibal Clarke-- --, 1920June 3,2007Kingston,NY
H Diane Clarke-- --, 1938February 2,2005Great Falls,MT

Clarke Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Archibald ClarkeHelene HoagDecember 24,1954Wake, NC
Burnie ClarkeLeathia MooreFebruary 25,1957Wake, NC
Charlie ClarkeBlanche GodwinMarch 23,1940Wake, NC
David ClarkePamela BassMarch 17,1979Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Clarke

403rd: Townsend404th: Buchanan
405th: Cannon406th: Curry
407th: Malone408th: Hess
409th: Mullins410th: Hogan
411th: Strickland412th: Patton

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