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Cleary Genealogy & History

Cleary is a surname with many variants, including Clery, Cleary, Claree, Clarey, Cleare, Clearey, Clerey, O'Cleary, O'Clery, and Macchlery. Cleary family history records that this derives from the ancient Gaelic word chleirich (clerk or clergyman.) The Irish branch of the family descends from one Cleierach, born in 820 AD. The first proven recording of the family name is that of Johan M'Cleri, dated 1376. John Macclerich of Kilravock, Nairnshire, Scotland was recorded in 1428, and Thomas Clary arrived in the Virginia colony in 1642. Cleary genealogy includes John Cleary, an American musician; Thomas Cleary, American author and translator; and Beverly Cleary, children's author.

Cleary Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Cleary-- --, 1924January 23,1996NC
Barbara Cleary-- --, 1915January 22,1997MA
C Regina Cleary-- --, 1905October ,1985NJ
Dan Cleary-- --, 1886June ,1970NY

Cleary Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Rogers Cleary-- --, 1937November ,1983Chicago,IL
F Marie Cleary-- --, 1922August 24,2002Troy,NY
Gabrielle Cleary-- --, 1901August 7,1997Middleton,WI
H Lindsay Cleary-- --, 1919May ,1986Wesley Chapel,FL

Cleary Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron ClearyLupita KingApril 20,2001Bexar, TX
Charles ClearyMary ShawJune 15,2002Wake, NC
Edward ClearyMargaret CurranMay 31,1949Wake, NC
Robert ClearyThomasine SorrellJanuary 21,1966Wake, NC

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1703rd: McCord1704th: Cagle
1705th: Burrows1706th: Heard
1707th: Trotter1708th: Crum
1709th: Ladd1710th: Cody

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