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Clements Genealogy & History

Clements genealogy is typically British or Welsh, though the name's history extends to pre-Norman times. It is derived from the male given name Clement, from the Latin clemens, meaning a merciful person. This name became popular in the middle ages with a surge in popularity of the early Christian St. Clement of Rome. A number of early and medieval popes bore this name. In the English-speaking world, the surname is first found in the Welsh province of Powys, which borders England. Spelling variations include Clemons, Clemence, and Clemetts. Clements family history includes author Andrew Clements and actor Stanley Clements.

Clements Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ruth Clements-- --, 1920March 18,2004NY
Bama Clements-- --, 1909February 20,1996FL
C Glenn Clements-- --, 1919January 6,2005PA
Dacie Clements-- --, 1895February ,1980NY

Clements Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Joanne Clements-- --, 1934October 23,1999Dunbar,PA
Fae Clements-- --, 1907February 11,1998Peoria,AZ
G Paul Clements-- --, 1916May 12,1988Nashville,TN
H Belle Clements-- --, 1910May 26,1994Dalhart,TX

Clements Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam ClementsCassondra PerniciaroJuly 2,2006Wake, NC
Berlie ClementsMacy ClayFebruary 10,1932Wake, NC
Daniel ClementsRobin NuttJune 11,2005Wake, NC
George ClementsJohise HowardSeptember 4,1964Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Clements

726th: Clay727th: Irwin
728th: Ellison729th: Hays
730th: Baird731st: Raymond
732nd: Middleton733rd: Haley
734th: McMillan735th: Ayers

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