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Clemons Genealogy & History

Clemons is said to be first found in Powys, Wales. Clemon is often derived from the Latin word Clemens, meaning compassion or merciful. Some spellings include Clemens, Clement, and Climer. Clemons family history notes that a Clement arrived in the Norman Conquest in 1066. Brenard Newmarche gave Geoffrey Clement land at Cathedine and Llangorse Lake, which is recorded in Westminster on February 10, 1290. Richard and William Clement are noted in the 1153 records of the Knights Templar. Noteworthy Clemons genealogy members are paralympic athlete and Iraq War veteran Kortney Clemons; animal sculptor and savant Alonzo Clemons; and Panama City, Florida, Mayor Scott Clemons.

Clemons Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Clemons-- --, 1921May ,1972FL
Bailey Clemons-- --, 1906August 22,1988AL
Clifford Clemons-- --, 1926October 15,1989MO
Daisy Clemons-- --, 1927September ,1991MD

Clemons Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Stanley Clemons-- --, 1924October 21,2007Copenhagen,NY
Fabian Clemons-- --, 1896August ,1976Monroe,MI
Gale Clemons-- --, 1896December ,1983Eaton,OH
Hager Clemons-- --, 1925December 7,2002Campton,KY

Clemons Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony ClemonsTonie YarboroughJune 28,1985Wake, NC
Benjamen ClemonsMelissa GarciaAugust 19,2000Harris, TX
Clarence ClemonsErnestine MangumJanuary 29,1972Wake, NC
Darrin ClemonsRebecca GlasscockSeptember 1,2000Smith, TX

Most Common Surnames After Clemons

1503rd: Hinson1504th: John
1505th: Baer1506th: McCormack
1507th: Stanford1508th: Hoff
1509th: Brenner1510th: Hanley
1511th: Keating1512th: Eckert

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