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Clevenger Genealogy & History

Clevenger is an English name with several possible origins. It could be derived from the Latin word clavigerus/clavis, which means key; it would have been an occupational name for the keeper of keys. Alternately it could be derived from the Old English word cleofan, which means cleave or split´┐Żin this case, it would be an occupational name for a wood-worker. Clevenger family history is first found in Norfolk, a county on the east coast of England. Clevenger genealogy includes Zora G. Clevenger, a pioneering athletic director who was head coach of many college sports teams at many different schools.

Clevenger Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jane Clevenger-- --, 1921April 2,2005GA
Barbara Clevenger-- --, 1938February 9,1994OH
C Ray Clevenger-- --, 1922March 28,2004OH
Daisy Clevenger-- --, 1886June ,1983IN

Clevenger Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Irene Clevenger-- --, 1913October 5,1995Syracuse,IN
Fannie Clevenger-- --, 1896January ,1984Dunkirk,IN
Gail Clevenger-- --, 1918February ,1981Warsaw,IN
Hal Clevenger-- --, 1923March 11,2003Pittsfield,MA

Clevenger Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy ClevengerLisa PerryFebruary 15,1986Wake, NC
Clarence ClevengerFlora WoodsNovember 26,2001Marion, TX
David ClevengerKathleen GibbonsFebruary 17,1970Wake, NC
George ClevengerClara HolderDecember 6,1944Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Clevenger

2461st: Andrew2462nd: East
2463rd: Jack2464th: Hills
2465th: Coley2466th: Muir
2467th: Lankford2468th: Fontaine
2469th: Keeler2470th: Ricci

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