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Coburn Genealogy & History

Coburn is from the pre-seventh-century English word cocc plus burna, meaning a stream frequented by birds. The coat of arms is three red roosters on a silver shield and the motto is he animates by crowing. Coburn family history tells us that Peter de Cokburne is the first known recording of the name as a witness in the Register of the House of Soltre in 1190. Two members of the Coburn genealogy are Oklahoma Senator and doctor Thomas (Tom) Allen Coburn and Sigma Kappa sorority co-founder, scientist, and writer Louise Helen Coburn.

Coburn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Coburn-- --, 1974June 2,1995OR
Ballard Coburn-- --, 1890May ,1985KY
Callie Coburn-- --, 1885September ,1977KY
Daisy Coburn-- --, 1899November ,1973CT

Coburn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Robert Coburn-- --, 1915June 3,2001Meredith,NH
F Maxine Coburn-- --, 1929March 26,2009Clarksburg,WV
Gail Coburn-- --, 1915November 23,1995Elwood,IN
H Annabell Coburn-- --, 1916August 15,1999Dublin,OH

Coburn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy CoburnKelli RobertsAugust 24,2002Harris, TX
Corey CoburnYashica CookeApril 3,2004Wake, NC
Franklin CoburnAllena StillFebruary 18,2006Tarrant, TX
Walter CoburnDorothy DakeApril 10,1943Wake, NC

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2189th: Hinds2190th: Moulton
2191st: Deaton2192nd: Santana
2193rd: Lawton2194th: Ellsworth
2195th: Stock2196th: Rust

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