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Coffman Genealogy & History

Coffman is a German occupational surname, from the Middle German Kauffman, meaning merchant. That specific meaning indicates that the holders were neither poor nor noble, both in that merchants were the root of the middle class and that German peasants tended to choose locational names, while aristocrats picked auspicious nicknames instead. American Coffman family history starts with Mathias Coffman, who sailed to New York, New York, in 1841. Some notable members of Coffman genealogy are Colorado Representative and former Treasurer and Secretary of State Mike Coffman; Admiral DeWitt Coffman, namesake of Coffman Cove, Alaska, and the USS Coffman; and former Packers tight end Paul Coffman.

Coffman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lenore Coffman-- --, 1911April 10,1991IL
Babette Coffman-- --, 1921July 12,2004CA
C Faye Coffman-- --, 1919June ,1989MO
D Zoe Coffman-- --, 1926July 15,2004WA

Coffman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Beulah Coffman-- --, 1910November 8,1994Cresco,PA
F Clara Coffman-- --, 1922November 27,1993Valley Stream,NY
Gail Coffman-- --, 1956July 17,2008Bayville,NJ
H Dale Coffman-- --, 1920March 17,2001Glendale,CA

Coffman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
John CoffmanPamela StanleyApril 28,1990Wake, NC
Stephen CoffmanCorinna MendozaFebruary 26,2000Wake, NC
Zachary CoffmanSelena FerraroMay 16,2003Denton, TX
Vernon CoffmanMary KestlerFebruary 17,1967Franklin, TX

Most Common Surnames After Coffman

1115th: Goss1116th: Beatty
1117th: McManus1118th: Dillard
1119th: Bruno1120th: Horner
1121st: Egan1122nd: Koenig
1123rd: Dahl1124th: Boyce

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