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Cole Genealogy & History

Cole genealogy is ancient in Britain and originates in Cornwall in southwest England. The name is either a shortened form of Nicholas, which is a given name with ancient Greek origins, or a nickname meaning dark or swarthy, possibly referring to a Dane, who would have appeared swarthy in medieval Britain. Cole can also be an anglicization of the German Kohl or the Scottish and Irish McCool. Cole family history is extensive and goes far back in the history of the United States. Early settlers included Francis and Jon Cole, who arrived in Virginia in 1616.

Cole Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Burtus Cole-- --, 1915September 17,1995OH
B Algeane Cole-- --, 1925July 15,1984TX
C Alon Cole-- --, 1920January 18,1990NY
Dadie Cole-- --, 1885June 15,1974OK

Cole Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Edna Cole-- --, 1935March 19,2002Shelby,OH
F Crunden Cole-- --, 1922August 13,2006Saint Louis,MO
G Darrel Cole-- --, 1916January ,1986Dexter,MO
H Breece Cole-- --, 1924May 14,1990Rutherfordton,NC

Cole Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Clifton ColeSophia SadowskiMay 24,1943Wake, NC
Joseph ColeSarah NicholsMarch 11,1933Wake, NC
Harry ColeMaxine JenkinsJune 17,1933Wake, NC
Sandy ColeJulia BunnSeptember 30,1933Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Cole

93rd: Jenkins94th: Murray
95th: Wallace96th: Gonzalez
97th: Stevens98th: Meyer
99th: Hayes100th: Kennedy
101st: McDonald102nd: Griffin

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