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Collins Genealogy & History

Collins genealogy usually traces back to England, Ireland, or Wales. In medieval England, the name derived from the words "col" and "kin," meaning "son of Cole." In Ireland, it is an anglicized version of the name "O'Coileain," which translates as "the young hound" and designates a family found mostly in western Ireland. Alternate spellings include Collis, Collen, and Colling. Collins is the thirtieth most common surname in Ireland and is also quite common in England and the United States. Collins family history includes Irish artist Elizabeth Collins, Irish Republican leader Michael Collins, and American actress Joan Collins.

Collins Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Anthony Collins-- --, 1916June ,1981CA
B Andrea Collins-- --, 1928May 4,2001MA
C Dale Collins-- --, 1926October 16,2002MT
D Boyd Collins-- --, 1921April 25,2005NC

Collins Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Arthur Collins-- --, 1919December 30,2006Logan,UT
F Bert Collins-- --, 1918November 3,2002Chambersburg,PA
G Betty Collins-- --, 1928December 31,2001Torrance,CA
Herbert Collins-- --, 1957November 20,1994Plant City,FL

Collins Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cleveland CollinsLetha JonesDecember 31,1935Wake, NC
Eugene CollinsIrene BranchApril 6,1931Wake, NC
Fred CollinsEmily HouseDecember 10,1935Wake, NC
Herman CollinsEunice JohnsonJune 23,1934Wake, NC

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50th: Edwards51st: Wood
52nd: Morgan53rd: Kelly
54th: Cox55th: Martinez
56th: Rodriguez57th: Bailey

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