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Combs Genealogy & History

The Combs surname presents genealogy researchers with immense challenges, including over 160 different spellings, including Coombs, Cumbo, Combass, Combys, Kombys, Comkbis, De Cumbe, Macomb, Maccome, and Omie. Combs family history shows several different origins, including English, Welsh, and Gaelic. But basically the name is Anglo-Celtic, meaning "dweller at a hollow, valley, or hill-dip". The two most common forms are McComb and Coombs. Members of this family arrived in America as early as 1655. Combs genealogy includes the American actors Jeffry Combs and Holly Marie Combs, the NASCAR driver Rodney Combs, and the baseball players Earle Combs and Merl Combs.

Combs Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Marion Combs-- --, 1923January 29,2003WA
B Gene Combs-- --, 1933February ,1980WA
C C Jack Combs-- --, 1926April 18,2007NC
Dahrona Combs-- --, 1920July 22,2006KY

Combs Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E A Ted Combs-- --, 1912January ,1979Indianola,IA
Fairbanks Combs-- --, 1902September ,1983Paint Lick,KY
G Louise Combs-- --, 1919April 1,2001Raymore,MO
Hacker Combs-- --, 1912February 15,1996Newport,KY

Combs Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce CombsLola DysonJune 29,1949Wake, NC
Chas CombsIneze BrewerMarch 14,1936Wake, NC
Gary CombsLilia Bolivar LopezSeptember 6,2002Wake, NC
Latina CombsWilma DanielsNovember 12,1938Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Combs

540th: Bridges541st: Baxter
542nd: Wyatt543rd: Eaton
544th: Dillon545th: Kline
546th: Golden547th: Savage
548th: Kerr549th: Dyer

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