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Comer Genealogy & History

Comer, an English locational name, described a valley-dweller, derived from Old English cumb. Villages named Combe are located throughout southwest England, and the Comer family had a feudal estate in Sussex. A second possible derivation is from Old English camb, meaning comb, describing someone who worked with combs. Comer genealogy includes the spelling variations Coom, Coomber, Coumbe, Colmer, Comber, Commer, and Cumber. The Comer family motto, sapiens dominabitur astris, means a wise man can rule the stars; the coat of arms features three black estoiles (wavy stars), signifying God's goodness. Comer family history in America traces to Comer immigrants to New England and Virginia in the mid-1600s.

Comer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Heyward Comer-- --, 1925December 16,2002SC
Bailey Comer-- --, 1915March ,1987VA
C Carol Comer-- --, 1917March 15,2002NC
D Irene Comer-- --, 1922March 8,1996AR

Comer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Roberta Comer-- --, 1932March 14,2000Milan,TN
Fannie Comer-- --, 1926August ,1984Waynesburg,PA
Gail Comer-- --, 1894July ,1976Springfield,OH
H Evelyn Comer-- --, 1926June 24,1994Canyon Country,CA

Comer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen ComerTracy RoweNovember 17,1984Wake, NC
Bradley ComerNatalie TatumDecember 31,2005Wake, NC
Dalton ComerLinda HowzeApril 27,2000Nueces, TX
George ComerKathy WebsterAugust 7,1982Wake, NC

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