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Compton Genealogy & History

Compton is a locational surname from the Old English "cumb", meaning "narrow valley", and "tun", meaning "farm". Compton family history indicates that the name might come from the Norman given name "Comin", which shows up in Scotland as "Cummings". Variations on the name include Compton include Comptons, Competom, Comptown, Comptowne, Comptoun, Comptaun, Comptaune, Comptoune, Coompton, Combton, Combtons, Combtown, and Combtaune. Frances Compton landed in Virginia in 1623. Compton genealogy includes the physicist and Nobel laureate Arthur Compton and his brother Karl Taylor Compton; actors O'Neal Compton and Henry Compton; and the British futurist and fiction author David Guy Compton.

Compton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mason Compton-- --, 1918June 14,2006VA
B Lucille Compton-- --, 1920October 7,2007PA
C Arnold Compton-- --, 1915January ,1978KY
Daimon Compton-- --, 1959September ,1984VA

Compton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernice Compton-- --, 1922September 21,2000Templeton,CA
Faith Compton-- --, 1908May ,1984Galesburg,IL
G Roy Compton-- --, 1927June 15,2003Attalla,AL
H Allen Compton-- --, 1929April 14,1994Shelbyville,IN

Compton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan ComptonJane LutherAugust 11,1951Wake, NC
Bluford ComptonMary HoltDecember 2,1933Wake, NC
Robert ComptonMarie WilliamsAugust 19,1969Wake, NC
Timothy ComptonPenelope BlevinsAugust 2,1974Wake, NC

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794th: Dickson795th: Mooney
796th: Duke797th: Sanford
798th: Cowan799th: Randolph
800th: Bird801st: Daugherty

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