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Condon Genealogy & History

Condon stems from the pre-seventh-century Old English name Calunoth, a compound of calu meaning bald and noth indicating daring. The suffix of tun, denoting a community, was also added. The family coat of arms is a red lion with a blue tongue rearing on a silver shield. Some spellings include Condine, Condan, Caunteton, and Caundon. Condon family history mentions the first known recording of the name as de Cauntenton in the Medieval Records of Munster in 1170. Some members of the Condon genealogy are psychology researcher William S. Condon; ornithologist Herbert Thomas Condon; and screenwriter and film director William (Bill) Condon.

Condon Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie C.-- --, 1914April ,1987ME
Barbara C.-- --, 1926December ,1982ME
Calvin C.-- --, 1911February 26,2003MD
Daisy C.-- --, 1905August 21,1997MA

Condon Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl C.-- --, 1904July ,1971Anderson,IN
Fannie C.-- --, 1881March ,1979Clinton,MD
Garrett C.-- --, 1887December ,1975Chelmsford,MA
H Louise C.-- --, 1916August 30,1996Newport,RI

Condon Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher C.Karen JohnsonApril 6,2002Wake, NC
Elwin C.Rose RogersMarch 11,2001Bexar, TX
Georges C.Margaret CowanNovember 25,2001Harris, TX
Kenneth C.Diana MccleadFebruary 23,2001Williamson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Condon

1984th: Hogue1985th: Weinberg
1986th: Perdue1987th: Reich
1988th: Means1989th: Lombardo
1990th: Saylor1991st: Danielson
1992nd: Cordova1993rd: Hearn

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