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Connolly is an anglicized form of the pre-10th century Old Gaelic names O'Conghaile of Connacht and of Monaghan, or O'Conghalaigh of Munster. The prefix "O" indicates "descendant of", plus the personal name "Conghaile", from "con", meaning "hound", and "gal", meaning "valor". This results in "descendants of the Hound of Valor". Variant spellings include Connelly, Conley and Conlee. Conley family history locates them in the counties of Meath, Monaghan, and Munster. The first recorded spelling of the family name dates from 1591. Conleys in America date from 1640. Connolly genealogy includes William G. Connolly, co-author of The New York Times style guide, and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Myles Connolly.

Connolly Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edith Connolly-- --, 1921May 15,1996MD
Barbara Connolly-- --, 1908June ,1982ME
C Robert Connolly-- --, 1928November 26,2008MD
Daisy Connolly-- --, 1904August ,1986NC

Connolly Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dolores Connolly-- --, 1921January 28,2007Vincentown,NJ
Fannie Connolly-- --, 1878March ,1966Rochester,NY
G Thomas Connolly-- --, 1922July 19,2001Baltimore,MD
Hannah Connolly-- --, 1879February ,1979Rutland,VT

Connolly Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gerald ConnollyJanet CirkerJune 27,1953Wake, NC
William ConnollyJudith CoppAugust 25,1952Wake, NC
Sean ConnollyMargita PencevovaSeptember 6,2000Travis, TX
Thomas ConnollyCynthia SowderMarch 16,1972Hill, TX

Most Common Surnames After Connolly

855th: Sheppard856th: Gustafson
857th: Soto858th: Guthrie
859th: Feldman860th: Dorsey
861st: Cramer862nd: McCabe
863rd: Singer864th: Springer

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