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Cooper is Anglo-Saxon, coming from Old German "kup", meaning "container". However, the name also became conflated with similar-sounding names, such as Cowper, Coper, and Copper. Because of the importance of the cooper trade (barrel-making), this name is one of the earliest on record in England, with the first recordings of the family name as Robert le Cupere in 1176. Cooper family history shows that Walter Cooper was recorded in the 1619 "Muster of the Inhabitants of Virginia" as one of the earliest European settlers. Cooper genealogy lists such notable Coopers as the novelist James Fenimore Cooper, Nobel laureate Leon N. Cooper, and the actor Bradley Cooper.

Cooper Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bernice Cooper-- --, 1910April 19,1997IL
B Douglas Cooper-- --, 1955October 11,1993IL
C Arlene Cooper-- --, 1928January 6,2009OH
D Jean Cooper-- --, 1926April 5,2001PA

Cooper Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E A Tommy Cooper-- --, 1926October ,1985Pensacola,FL
F Allan Cooper-- --, 1927May 20,2001Central Point,OR
G Ashley Cooper-- --, 1925April 15,2008Skillman,NJ
H Calvin Cooper-- --, 1923August 20,2002Indiana,PA

Cooper Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew CooperLottie HolderAugust 18,1951Wake, NC
Braxton CooperMattie CookeMarch 8,1952Wake, NC
Charles CooperMargery GlascowDecember 3,1934Wake, NC
Donald CooperDorothy HowardJune 27,1959Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Cooper

59th: Reed60th: Ward
61st: Bell62nd: Sullivan
63rd: Bennett64th: Myers
65th: Gray66th: Hughes
67th: Howard68th: Long

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