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Cope Genealogy & History

Cope is an English name that was originally derived from the Middle English word cope (from the Old English cap), meaning cape or cloak. Thus, it was most likely an occupational name given to people who made capes. Cope family history is first recorded with Ailward Cape (an alternate spelling), who lived in Kent in 1190; early Copes were also found in Leicestershire. Cope genealogy includes Blessed Mother Marianne Cope, a Roman Catholic religious sister who spent her life treating lepers and is scheduled to be canonized. The Cope family motto is aequo adeste animo, meaning be present with an unchangeable mind.

Cope Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Baker Cope-- --, 1890September ,1980IA
Barbara Cope-- --, 1922December 27,2002PA
C F Pat Cope-- --, 1918April 28,2004TX
Daisy Cope-- --, 1911March ,1987MO

Cope Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E S Cope-- --, 1921June 8,2009Palmerton,PA
F Troy Cope-- --, 1916April 26,1988Salem,OH
Gabriele Cope-- --, 1919September 17,2000Lincoln,NE
H Eugene Cope-- --, 1919April ,1984Indianapolis,IN

Cope Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan CopeKaren KaufmanNovember 17,1991Wake, NC
Doie CopeHelen MatthewsJanuary 28,1950Wake, NC
Frank CopeJulie DenningJune 15,1996Wake, NC
Kenneth CopeWillie KnottDecember 19,1964Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Cope

1591st: Waldron1592nd: Hay
1593rd: Alston1594th: Sands
1595th: Darling1596th: Moseley
1597th: Cabrera1598th: Dietrich
1599th: Fagan1600th: Hurt

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