Cordova Family History

Cordova Genealogy & History

Cordova stems from the Latin cordarius, denoting new, and obra, indicating construction generally thought to mean a new location. The name first originated in Andalucia in southern Spain. Some spellings include Cordoba, Cordoves, Cordobes, de Cordoba, Kordovani and Kurdvani. The family coat of arms is three red bars on a gold shield. Cordova family history mentions the birth of Melchor de Cordoba on August 11, 1630, as the first known recording of the name in Asuncion, Mexico. Some members of the Cordova genealogy are astronomer Dr. France Cordova; Albuquerque Housing Authority Manuel Cordova; and radio sales and promotion manager Francisco Ray Cordova.

Cordova Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abdon C.-- --, 1919August 3,2006TX
Bacilio C.-- --, 1917March 23,2005UT
Camerina C.-- --, 1886September ,1974TX
Daisy C.-- --, 1958February 22,2006CA

Cordova Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl C.-- --, 1902March ,1983Englewood,CO
Fannie C.-- --, 1911January ,1997Monte Vista,CO
Gabby C.-- --, 1920December 12,2009Pueblo,CO
Harry C.-- --, 1951July ,1978New York,NY

Cordova Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Luis C.Rosa WeberJuly 24,2006Wake, NC
Manuel C.Rita BarrientesFebruary 26,2000Andrews, TX
Natividad C.Betty HernandezFebruary 12,2000Bexar, TX
Oscar C.Elvia MotaAugust 4,2000Andrews, TX

Most Common Surnames After Cordova

1993rd: Hearn1994th: McMahan
1995th: Jernigan1996th: Crenshaw
1997th: Valencia1998th: Gentile
1999th: Smallwood2000th: Vigil
2001st: Busby2002nd: Mattingly

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