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Corley Genealogy & History

The surname associated with the Corley genealogy is an anglicized derivation of the Gaelic word Mac Toirdhealbhaigh. As with many names with Irish origins, the Corley family history can be traced to particular counties in Ireland. In this case, Corley family history began in the Connacht counties of Galway and Roscommon. The first Corley to settle in the United States was Rich Corley, a Virginian who arrived in North America in 1675. Some noteworthy people in the Corley family are actor, singer, and producer Al Corley; hacker Eric Corley; playwright Hal Corley; boxer DeMarcus Corley; and novelist Edwin Raymond Corley.

Corley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Duane Corley-- --, 1924September 11,2007LA
Bailey Corley-- --, 1915April ,1985KY
C Edwin Corley-- --, 1920February ,1992OK
D Jeff Corley-- --, 1923August 9,2007GA

Corley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Corley-- --, 1913November ,1983Saginaw,MI
Fanie Corley-- --, 1891February ,1970Atlanta,GA
Gabe Corley-- --, 1885July ,1969Kanawha Head,WV
Hazel Corley-- --, 1926August 23,2010Dallas,GA

Corley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Craig CorleyKerry MatthewsJuly 5,1997Wake, NC
David CorleyKaren KirkNovember 6,1972Wake, NC
Garland CorleyKathy SchwartzJuly 14,2001Wake, NC
Martin CorleyFrances SnelsonSeptember 12,1967Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Corley

1702nd: Juarez1703rd: McCord
1704th: Cagle1705th: Burrows
1706th: Heard1707th: Trotter
1708th: Crum1709th: Ladd
1710th: Cody1711th: Newsome

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