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Cormier Genealogy & History

Cormier is a French descriptive surname, derived from the Old French cormier, meaning sorb tree, also called a whitty pear tree, as the sorb fruit is similar to a pear. The name Cormier thus was bestowed on someone living near such a tree or one who cultivated/sold the fruit. Spelling variations for Cormier include de Cormie, Cormey, and Comiere. Cormier family history is first recorded in the former kingdom of Brittany in northwest France, one of the six Celtic nations. The first Cormier immigrants to America arrived in the mid-1700s to South Carolina. The three silver crescents on the Cormier coat of arms signify peace and enlightenment.

Cormier Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Cormier-- --, 1925July ,1983TX
Balise Cormier-- --, 1907January ,1985LA
Cale Cormier-- --, 1869December ,1965RI
Dagny Cormier-- --, 1922June 5,2009WI

Cormier Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Cormier-- --, 1930September 20,1999San Francisco,CA
Fada Cormier-- --, 1907February 15,2001Eunice,LA
Gabriel Cormier-- --, 1891April ,1974Kaplan,LA
Hallie Cormier-- --, 1878June ,1967Lebanon,OR

Cormier Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allan CormierKristie GarnerDecember 8,2000Lamar, TX
Brett CormierTraci ShepherdOctober 20,2000Denton, TX
Chad CormierNichole PayneMay 19,2000Tarrant, TX
David CormierMaria VasquexSeptember 30,2000Orange, TX

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