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Corrigan Genealogy & History

Corrigan is an Irish name, the anglicized version of the Gaelic surname O� Corragain (descendant of Corragain), which was derived from the Gaelic word corr, meaning spear or pointed. Corrigan family history is first recorded as O� Corragain, the surname of an abbot of Fermanagh in 1150; Fermanagh is a county in the southwest of Northern Ireland. Corrigan genealogy includes Douglas Corrigan, a skilled airplane mechanic who also accidentally flew to Ireland from New York (he was supposed to go to Long Beach, California) and was nicknamed Wrong Way for his troubles.

Corrigan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Corrigan-- --, 1892October ,1972IL
Babe Corrigan-- --, 1917March ,1984IL
C Paul Corrigan-- --, 1913September 8,1996NY
Daisy Corrigan-- --, 1913December ,1994NY

Corrigan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lee Corrigan-- --, 1905October ,1985Avalon,CA
Fay Corrigan-- --, 1882April ,1970Colorado Springs,CO
G N Corrigan-- --, 1907December 8,1989Milwaukee,WI
Hallie Corrigan-- --, 1901March ,1984Beaumont,TX

Corrigan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dennis CorriganDeborah NelsonJanuary 5,2002Dallas, TX
Shawn CorriganMargaret PerryMay 1,1999Wake, NC
Jr. CorriganTraci MccloskeyMay 3,2008Wake, NC
Victor CorriganLinda CoffmanApril 28,1984CUYAHOGA, OH

Most Common Surnames After Corrigan

2311th: Croft2312th: Espinosa
2313th: Looney2314th: Gavin
2315th: Krebs2316th: Babb
2317th: Wisniewski2318th: Trahan
2319th: Stack2320th: Keener

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