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Coughlin Genealogy & History

Coughlin is an anglicized from of the Gaelic (Mac or O) Cochlain, the prefix indicating the son of, and the name being derived from cochal (a cloak with a hood). The name thus means son of the hooded man. Some of the different spellings include Coghlan, MacCoughlan, Coglan, and Couglan. Coughlin family history has the first known recording of the name as MacCoughlain of County Offaly, circa 1150 in The Annals of the Four Masters. Some members of Coughlin genealogy include third baseman William Paul Coughlin; figure skater John Coughlin; and Olympic winner of two gold and two silver medals, swimmer Natalie Anne Coughlin.

Coughlin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Margueri Coughlin-- --, 1921March 22,2006PA
Babette Coughlin-- --, 1914April 18,2003CA
Camille Coughlin-- --, 1905October 16,1997MA
Dale Coughlin-- --, 1929January 13,1996KS

Coughlin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Coughlin-- --, 1904March ,1980Ashaway,RI
Faith Coughlin-- --, 1921December 26,1994Milwaukee,WI
Gabrielle Coughlin-- --, 1901August 9,1988Montague,MA
H Grace Coughlin-- --, 1920December 12,2003Jersey City,NJ

Coughlin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bradley CoughlinRebecca SchwerAugust 17,2000Bexar, TX
George CoughlinRebecca LongsworthMarch 20,1975Wake, NC
Michael CoughlinSharon ZettlemoyerJune 16,1972Wake, NC
James CoughlinKay EddinsMay 15,1976Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Coughlin

1774th: Meehan1775th: Currie
1776th: Nugent1777th: Bledsoe
1778th: Lacey1779th: Huddleston
1780th: Darby1781st: Monahan
1782nd: Huynh1783rd: Hannah

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