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Crain Genealogy & History

The surname Crain, distinct from the more common form Crane, was widely found on the small Isle of Man (Manx) in the Irish Sea and derives from the Old Gaelic Mac Ciarain, the son of Little Kieran, meaning the dark-colored one. The Mac Kierans were a small clan in Ireland's County Donegal. Another early recorded spelling was McCroyn, entered in 1408 into the Manx Name Register. Crain genealogy shows that the Mac prefix dropped around the late 1500s, and other variations of the name were recorded in Crain family history, including Craine, Karran, Carine, Carren, and others.

Crain Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Houston Crain-- --, 1925December 14,2002KY
Billy Crain-- --, 1940June 9,1997LA
Cage Crain-- --, 1900July ,1973TX
Daisy Crain-- --, 1911February ,1987TN

Crain Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Arlene Crain-- --, 1930September ,1985Bartlesville,OK
F Carter Crain-- --, 1920March 21,1995Bellaire,TX
Gable Crain-- --, 1900August ,1970Milburn,KY
H Darlene Crain-- --, 1921August ,1986Waverly,OH

Crain Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daemian CrainAngela AllenDecember 29,1998Wake, NC
Frank CrainLinda WolcottJuly 2,2005Hardin, TX
Richard CrainAudra PriceDecember 12,2003Wake, NC
Michael CrainJoanna ShoemakerNovember 11,2000Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After Crain

1676th: Kenny1677th: Lara
1678th: Shaver1679th: Atwood
1680th: McGhee1681st: Brewster
1682nd: Sauer1683rd: Waite
1684th: Baron1685th: Dowling

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