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Crump Genealogy & History

Crump stems from the pre-seventh-century medieval English nickname meaning curved or with flawed, crooked limbs or back. Some of the many spelling are Cramp, Crimp, Crumb, Cromm, Crummie, and Crommie. The family has its ancestral home in Berkshire, England, since early times. Crump family history mentions Peter Crumpe in 1156 as the first recording of the name in the Pipe Rolls of Berkshire. Among the members of Crump genealogy are Newark, New Jersey, Councilwoman-at-Large Mildred C. Crump; fused deposition modeling inventor and co-founder of Stratasys, Inc., S. Scott Crump; and hotelier and golf course architect George Arthur Crump.

Crump Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Crump-- --, 1916May 28,1994IL
B Reavis Crump-- --, 1911April 19,1995AL
Cale Crump-- --, 1878May 15,1969TX
Daisy Crump-- --, 1937March 4,1993WI

Crump Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ealter Crump-- --, 1907February ,1984Sedalia,MO
Fae Crump-- --, 1922May 10,1996Emmett,ID
Gabe Crump-- --, 1891July 15,1973Clarksdale,MS
H Erminie Crump-- --, 1915November 19,1990Potsdam,NY

Crump Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur CrumpMary PooleAugust 16,1947Wake, NC
Benton CrumpAmy KingsleyJanuary 1,2000Fannin, TX
Cleo CrumpLovedy DawsonNovember 11,1935Wake, NC
David CrumpAngeline MalettoFebruary 14,1986Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Crump

1660th: Langston1661st: Fontenot
1662nd: Schaeffer1663rd: Melvin
1664th: Brantley1665th: Steward
1666th: Bain1667th: Mott
1668th: Jansen1669th: Iverson

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