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Cruz Genealogy & History

The surname Cruz originated in Spain and Portugal and later migrated to Central and South America. This surname means a cross, probably one set up to mark a meeting place or market. In many cases, the name referred to a layperson who carried a cross in Catholic festival processions. Cruz family history indicates that the name was probably used to refer to someone who lived near a cross, church, or cathedral. Cruz genealogy includes the alternative spellings of De Cruz, De la Cruz, Cruzado, Da Cruz, Cruse, Cruise, and Cross. Famous people with versions of this surname include Cuban songstress Celia Cruz and actor Tom Cruise.

Cruz Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Cruz-- --, 1982November 15,1993NM
Babette Cruz-- --, 1916February 24,2005MA
C Josepnin Cruz-- --, 1908September 22,2001TX
D June Cruz-- --, 1920July 22,2010PA

Cruz Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earlene Cruz-- --, 1958June 23,2010Oroville,CA
Fabi Cruz-- --, 1892March 3,1988San Benito,TX
G Joel Cruz-- --, 1923March 14,1990Portland,OR
Hannah Cruz-- --, 1939August 29,2003Bremerton,WA

Cruz Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Frank CruzBeverly MorrisMay 5,1990Wake, NC
Juan CruzLydia SanchezMay 11,1987Wake, NC
Usiel CruzBernal MojicaFebruary 9,2001Harris, TX
Zeferino CruzVirginia LopezMay 26,2000Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Cruz

361st: Flynn362nd: Hammond
363rd: Harrington364th: Ortiz
365th: Barton366th: Dennis
367th: Love368th: Casey
369th: Gutierrez370th: Rodgers

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