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Cunningham family history shows that this surname originated in early medieval Scotland. It is a locational name derived from Cunninghame, a territory in the county of Ayrshire. Cunningham genealogy shows that the first recorded spelling was "Cunegan" in 1153. The Cunningham coat of arms is a silver shield featuring a black pitchfork, a silver unicorn head, and the motto "Over fork over". Famous Cunningham family members include NFL star Randall Cunningham, American choreographer Merce Cunningham, and Ward Cunningham, founder of the first wiki. Fictional Cunninghams include the Cunningham family from the sitcom Happy Days: Richie, Joanie, Howard, and Marion.

Cunningham Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Joanne Cunningham-- --, 1933July 5,1998DE
B Marie Cunningham-- --, 1920May 2,1999KS
C Arthur Cunningham-- --, 1912December 31,2004OH
D C Cunningham-- --, 1917October 15,1991LA

Cunningham Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Elaine Cunningham-- --, 1932April 2,2008Norwalk,OH
F Hoyt Cunningham-- --, 1924September 12,1995Gastonia,NC
G Darwin Cunningham-- --, 1915March 22,1993Columbus,OH
H Joseph Cunningham-- --, 1916November 6,2004Lawton,OK

Cunningham Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Robert CunninghamMary CurtisOctober 20,1937Wake, NC
Joseph CunninghamMargaret HarrisOctober 30,1937Wake, NC
Henry CunninghamCarolyn WillisOctober 1,1949Wake, NC
Nicholas CunninghamSandy HaneyJuly 18,1999Wake, NC

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176th: Duncan177th: Ray
178th: Berry179th: Cohen
180th: Richards181st: Chapman
182nd: Spencer183rd: Knight

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